Tiger Woods Would Be Remembered For His Tryst With
2017-09-22 18:30
Tiger Woods is one of the most popular names in the Golf circle and there are hardly any people who do not known his name. Although the recent controversy has tarnished some of his reputation on the personal front, but he is still known as one of the stalwarts in the domain of golf because of his consistent form in his illustrated career.

The name Tiger Woods symbolizes perfection and of course dedication and devotion in the circle of golf. He remains the highest paid player in the world and has been on the receiving end of some rave reviews for his great performance in the various PGA tours. Also the signature style of Tiger Woods has set him apart from the rest of the competitors in this circle.

In his colourful career, Tiger Woods have won around 14 professional golf championships and has also been to 71 PGA tours all over the world. He is jus lagging behind Jack Nicklaus who has 18 professional major golf championships under his belt. But Tiger Woods do not want to lag behind for long and that is proven by his consistent form.

Tiger Woods started his career pretty young and he was in fact the youngest player to win the career Grand slam. It was indeed a remarkable achievement and after Jack Nicklaus, he is the 2nd person to win career grand slam for three times. Tiger Woods also has 16 world golf championships under his belt as well.

Tiger Woods took a break for 20 months from the Golf domain to tend to his personal issues. When he came back, he participated in the 2000 Mercedes Championship PGA tours. His achievements in the PGA tours are something more than the ordinary. He has already participated in more than 71 such championships and he is quickly making it a habit to win them all.

Tiger Woods first participated in the PGA tours in the year 1996 and won 2 majors. Although he has been a part of lots of ups and downs in his career, he is still considered to be an exemplary figure in the field of golf. In fact for some people, Golf is equivalent to Tiger Woods only. At present Tiger Woods have lost his numero uno position to Lee Westwood and is now ranked at number 12th in the World. But his fans are still waiting to see him clench back the number one position soon.

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